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Methanoplex Inject

Manufacturer: Axiolabs
Substance: Methandienone
Pack: 10ml vial (50mg/ml)

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Methanobol Inj

Manufacturer: British Dragon
Substance: Methandienone
Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Injectable Dianabol Steroid

On this page, you can explore our catalog of injectable Dianabol solutions for sale. Injectable Dianabol, also known as Dbol, is an intramuscular steroid solution containing the active substance Methandienone. Typically, the dosage strength of these solutions is 50mg/ml. This steroid is renowned for its incredible muscle-building capabilities, making it a popular choice among bodybuilders for muscle gain cycles.


Injectable Dbol is a crucial component for muscle growth as it enhances protein synthesis. It accelerates muscle recovery and strengthens joints. Methandienone solution increases overall strength and durability, allowing for more intense workouts and muscle development. Additionally, it aids in fat loss when combined with a proper diet. Furthermore, Dbol supplementation can increase libido.

Dianabol Injection Cycle

To maintain a stable concentration of Methandienone in the blood, injections are required every second day. Similar to other steroids, the optimal dosage of liquid Dianabol primarily depends on the gender of the bodybuilder. For males, the recommended single dose is 50-100 mg, while for females it is 5-25 mg. It is advised to use this steroid for a duration of 5-7 weeks. Mixing liquid Dianabol with other steroids can enhance its effects. For instance, popular combinations include injectable Dianabol with Deca Durabolin or Testosterone Enanthate.

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