Best 3 Steroids for Muscle Gain

Best 3 Steroids for Muscle Gain

There are many steroids for muscle gain but in this article let's discuss just 3 of them.

Most popular steroids for muscle gain are:

These three were used starting with golden era and are being used now.


TESTOSTERONE - this is main male hormone and as steroid it comes in a few forms. Most used are: Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Propionate. The difference lays in ester type. First two mentioned are long acting esters and propionate and quick acting.

For bulking or huge muscles gains we recommend either enanthate or cypionate.

In the same time if you want lean muscle gains go with propionate.

Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate are used in 10-12 weeks cycles and Propionate in 8-10 weeks cycles.

If you want to see quick results go with Propionate.


DBOL (Beligas Dynabol)- Oral anabolic/androgenic steroid known for long time. You may be heared about it as Dianabol, Dbol, Methandienone and definitely there may be other names.

This is an oral steroid which give great gains and strength but since mostly is water and we are in 2023 people want less water and more quality so some replace it now with Turanabol which is similar but has less water retention.

You still can use it but for less water retention use it as in golden era: at low dosage and not longer than 4 weeks. Smth like 30mg/day for 4 weeks stacked with Testosterone Enanthate will do a great job in terms of muscle gains.


DECA - Nandrolone Decanoate is what is in Deca. Those who did not study this product know it as Deca. Deca has a long history and was succesfully used and is still used by bodybuilders in their bulking goals.

Deca is an injectable anabolic/androgenic steroid which give great muscle gains and must be stacked with testosterone. It can not be used alone which by the way is true for Dbol as well.

Deca-Durabolin will give strength, bulk and size and wate retention. Sure results will vary from person to person but to be clear: Deca-Durabolin is used for bulking steroid cycles.

One of its well known effects is that is masks joint pain when you use it, keep in mind that this is not because it treat joints, it may be due to water retention and some chemical reaction. I am mentioning this just so you know that if you have joints problem and you suddenly dont feel pain there durin Deca cycle DO NOT put extra effort on joints during cycle, the pain may come back later and it may be worse. Train as usual and warm up well.

So there are 3 most popular steroids for muscle gain. If you have questions on these or other steroids please contact us.

We are here to help and assist. If you decide to write us please specify your age, experience and goal.

Nov 6, 2023

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